What Happens When You Put A Baby And A Corgi Together?


When dogs and babies get along, it’s the most wonderful thing to see. They share their toys and even nap times, cuddled together in a warm ball. They also look out for each other, especially when a mess has been made.

Babies and dogs can develop their own language and bond together in a friendship that can last a lifetime. It’s great having someone to grow up with who doesn’t know how to talk either.

Meet Ayako. He is a two-year old Corgi who has formed a profound friendship with his owners’ baby.

Nothing can break these two apart.

They watch television together, cuddle when they’re done, and help each other out during their various times of need.

What these photos miss out is probably how much food they share with each other too.

Babies are notoriously messy during meal time, and it’s likely Ayako has helped himself to a few dollops of mushed peas on the floor when no one’s looking.

At least that’s less clean up for their parents.

Ayako and his human friend will likely grow up to be friends for life, but the plucky little dog may not be looking forward to the baby’s first day of school.

He’ll have no one to cuddle with throughout the day, but imagine how excited he’ll be when his best friend returns home from school.

They’re favorite pastime seems to be napping together after all the trouble they get into throughout the day.

But nothing could be more adorable than watching them provide each other with caring kisses and touched foreheads to let the other know that they care! Share this adorable post with your friends too!

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