This Stunning Campground Has the Most Wonderful Dog Policy


Do you and your dog love to go camping as a weekend getaway? Then 4 Paws Kingdom in North Carolina is the perfect vacation destination for you and your pup. This campground is specifically catered toward dogs and their families. There are hiking trails, parks, and many other amazing amenities that are guaranteed to give every dog and dog parent the best trip possible. At this campground, you can either rent out an RV site or you and your dog can stay in a cabin or yurt rental.

8 Off-Leash Dog Parks

This campground has a total of 8 large, fenced-in areas for your dog to run around freely to play. Each park is slightly different, but there is one that is perfect for every dog’s needs. This includes a playground for small dogs, an area for larger dogs, an area with private parks for individual guests, and even a park full of balls for fetch. Plus, many of the rentals have a fenced in area for your dog to enjoy right next to your cabin, trailer, or yurt.

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An Agility Course

In addition to the many dog parks onsite, there is also an agility park for dogs to try out. This park includes obstacles of all different skill levels including jumps, teeter totters, and weave poles. There is plenty of space for you to walk around and test your dog’s skills. The campsite even offers agility training from time to time.

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A Private Swimming Pond

This private swimming pond is fully fenced in, so dogs can enjoy splashing around off-leash. Even for dogs that don’t enjoy swimming, it can be a fun area to hang out in. Plus, there are plenty of places for humans to sit in the shade while their dogs run around and play.

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A Doggie Bathhouse

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to be dirty the whole time. There is a doggie bathhouse with a dog grooming station onsite. You can stop in and give your dog a bath whenever you’d like. It’s a vacation, so why not use it as an opportunity to pamper your dog?

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Special Events

There are often different events that go on at the campsite, including dog campfire music, craft and game events, and even different activities for the holidays. Many of these events take place in their outdoor food hall where pizza parties and birthday parties can be scheduled. There is also a social fire pit for both human and dog guests to interact with each other. Check out their event calendar to make sure you don’t miss any of the excitement. It is the perfect getaway for both dogs and dog lovers.

Image: @FourPawsKingdomCampground/Facebook

Featured Image: @FourPawsKingdomCampground/Facebook


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