The Perfect Last Minute Gift For Dog-Loving Moms!


There’s an unspoken adult rule about giving handmade gifts. After a certain age they just don’t wow like they once did. Unless you’re a professional artist, it’s best to leave the glittery macaroni necklaces, and glue-soaked popsicle stick frames to the kids and out of your office’s secret Santa exchange. Unless you really like hearing an underwhelmed “Oh… thanks.”

Forget the rules, because there are occasions when a well-thought-out, handmade card can still really tug on the heartstrings. The crafty folks at (who also shared these delicious dog-safe cake recipes with us,) have these printable pop-up cards you can use for any occasion! The cards have little pop-up pups – complete with adorable little tail – that will hop up and greet your recipient excitedly when they open their new favorite card! Of course the pup is our favorite, but there are also kitties, a bear, and even plants for the green-thumbed plant mama/daddy in your life.


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