Starstruck Service Dog Visits All Her Favorite Disney Princesses


Megan Leigh loves Disney World, but before her service dog Nala came along, it was difficult for her to travel independently. Luckily, Nala also has a passion for the Happiest Place On Earth!

With their annual passes and matching mouse ears, the pair regularly visit the park – and their favorite characters!

Photo c/o Megan Leigh @HelperDogNala/Instagram

“Her favorite part of Disney would be going to the Magic Kingdom,” Megan tells The Dodo. “She loves doing character meet-and-greets as her ‘Go say hi’ command is a fun reward for her. Meeting the princesses is a favorite!”

Photo c/o Megan Leigh @HelperDogNala/Instagram

Some of the glamorous gals of Disney even know her by name!

“[The princesses] love her!” Megan says. “They always say, ‘Hi Nala! It’s so good to see you again!’”

Photo c/o Megan Leigh @HelperDogNala/Instagram

But Nala’s trips to the park aren’t limited to laid back belly rubs. She is also open to a little action and adventure.

Photo c/o Megan Leigh @HelperDogNala/Instagram

Service dogs are welcome to accompany their handlers on any rides that do not have height requirements. Nala loves feeling the wind blow through her fur on the People Mover and the Dumbo Flying Elephant ride.

And don’t worry about the loud noises and flashing lights. As a trained service dog, Nala has no problem with fireworks or boisterous Disney shows.

Photo c/o Megan Leigh @HelperDogNala/Instagram

Nala performs medical tasks for Megan, and also helps create a barrier between her and the bustling crowds.

“We are best friends and a team! She helps me, I help her,” Megan says. “A balance is important in working dogs. That’s why I believe it’s so important that she gets to have fun at Disney, too.”

Photo c/o Megan Leigh @HelperDogNala/Instagram

Nala may have a special place in her heart for the Disney princesses, but she loves visiting with the other characters, too. She’s mingled with Chip and Dale, Donald Duck, Pluto, Goofy, and even charmed the dreaded Kylo Ren!

Photo c/o Megan Leigh @HelperDogNala/Instagram

Want to see more of Nala and her Disney pals? Follow her on Instagram!

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