Sneaky Pup Has the Most Surprising Way To Get Treats & Attention


A stray dog who lives in Bangkok is showing off his carefully crafted street smarts, and it’s getting him some viral attention worldwide. The locals call him Gae. He’s a reddish brown, large mixed breed whose ability to trick passersby gets him awarded by those whose heart goes out to him.

As you’ll see in the video, Gae perfectly positions and drags his hindquarters along the street as if he has injured legs. When someone pays him some attention, he quickly ‘recovers’ and walks around looking mighty proud of himself for his performance.

“This old dog has lived [at] my workplace for a few years,” local resident Thaweeporn Chongplapolkul told Viral Press. “He always does this trick to deceive people.”

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Gae is taken care of by Chongplapolkul and other locals. They feed him rice and other things and she assures us, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Gae’s legs.

“We’ve checked both of his legs — they are both fine,” says Chongplapolkul. “If Gae had any kind of injury, I would take him to the vet immediately.”

What’s not so clear is if Gae came up with this gag on his own or if he was trained by another hungry belly that needed a little help. Perhaps, he was hanging around with a dog, with actual injuries, who received more hand outs than he did. That may have tipped him off to the trick. It’s also not too far fetched to think that a human taught him this to help both of them receive more kindness and contributions from strangers.

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You’ll notice in the video that Gae receives much praise and giggles for his act, which surely only encourages him to keep up the habit. He even gets a guy on a motorbike to stop completely, with obvious concern on his face. Then Gae just jumps up, tail wagging, and all the onlooking humans laugh and tell him how tricky the little Thespian is.

No matter how he learned to perform, his scheme absolutely works! I mean, who would keep going when a poor helpless creature was dragging himself down the road? Hats off to Gae and his cunning. We all gotta eat, and this smart little cookie figured out a way to go right for the pity jugular to get his needs met. He’s simply irresistible.

What’s the most clever thing your dog does to get some attention? Did he come up with it on his own or was it a taught trick? Share your stories with us!


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