Security Camera Shows Man What His Girlfriend And Dog Are Up To When He’s Not Home


If you have a dog, there’s no telling what they do while you’re gone. Some of them might go sniffing through the trash, tear up a pillow or two, or just take a snooze on the couch.

But with remote security monitoring, peeking in on our pets is now possible.

That’s exactly what happened to Jose Perez, who had to leave town on a business trip for a few days. Staying behind were his girlfriend and his dog, Nina.

Source: Jose Perez via The Dodo

Perez installed a security camera back home.

It was set to send him a notification if it detected motion after midnight. So, as he sat in his hotel room, he was surprised to see an alert on his phone.

“I got a intruder notification while I was away, getting ready to sleep,” said Perez. [sic]

Source: Jose Perez via The Dodo

To his surprise, the security camera stream to his phone showed him a pretty sweet moment he never expected to see.

There in the kitchen were Nina and Perez’ girlfriend, having a private dance party.

Although they didn’t seem to be missing him too badly, Perez said it made him happy to see the two of them having such a great time together.

“It made my night, for sure,” he said. “They are very close and are always together. Nina gets very happy every time my girlfriend arrives home. Way more happy than when I arrive. Nina is like a daughter to us.”

Source: Tumblr

As adorable as the private dance party was, Nina isn’t the only animal that’s been caught on security camera.

As more people install security cameras in their homes, they’re getting insight into exactly what their pets do when they’re gone.

Nest Security Cameras are a popular brand of home security surveillance. The company recently featured a video of animals caught on camera when their owners weren’t home, which offered some surprising insights!

Source: Nest via The Mirror

The video showed a dog ripping apart the pillows on a couch as well as a black and white cat taking a dramatic tumble down a flight of stairs.

In another clip, the owners of a dog could how easily their pet got over the doggie gate. In a fourth clip, one dog made his dislike for the camera clear when he strolled over and urinated on it.

“Big or small, grumpy or sleepy, we can’t seem to get enough of our pets, and now with wireless security cameras we can keep an eye on not just our homes and family when we’re away – but also our furry friends,” said Lionel Paillet, the general manager of the European division of Nest.

Source: Nest via The Mirror

The company even introduced a new featured called Talk and Listen, which allows homeowners to “drop in” on their pets from afar.

Source: Nest via The Mirror

That way they can send and receive audio for moments when pets at home might need reassurance or even a bit of a scolding. Now we never have to wonder what our four-legged friends are up to again — we’ll always be able to know.

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