German Shepherds Make Horrible Family Dogs. Here are 10+ Reasons Why


When you decide to adopt a dog, you have to do some research in finding a breed that will be a good fit for your family and household. And families who are considering a German Shepherd as the newest member of their family should definitely think twice. We all know that German Shepherds make great police dogs but how can that translate into a family setting.

Well, it doesn’t which is why German Shepherds don’t make good family dogs.

German Shepherds are the very last breed that you should consider as a family dog. They can be vicious, disobedient, and too rough to have around your children. If you were thinking of adopting a German Shepherd, you should reconsider.

Here are 15 reasons German Shepherds make terrible family dogs:

1) They Are Hardwired For Work

These guys never take the time to rest and just hang out.

Source: PetMD

2) You Can’t Take Them Anywhere

They never sit still and you won’t be able to rest and just enjoy your surroundings.


3) They Can Be Real Beastly

Even when they are young.

Source: PetMD

4) They Never Let Down Their Guard

They act like they are always on duty.

Source: Mogs Rescue

5) They Are Always So Serious

They are not the type to have fun and goof around.

Source: BarkPost

6) They Are Mostly Outdoor Dogs

They hate being inside.

Source: BarkPost

7) They Can Be Dangerous Around Our Children

Especially babies.

Source: BuzzSharer

8) They Won’t Get Along With Your Other Dogs

German Shepherds aren’t the friendly type.

Source: Buzz Sharer

9) And Just Forget About Bringing Them Into a House With Cats

German Shepherds despise cats.

Source: Buzz Sharer

10) They Just Don’t Understand What It’s Like Being a Family Unit

They have no idea what family life is all about. They are totally clueless.

Source: German Shepherd Watch Ireland

11) They Do Not Listen

Taking orders is not an option for these guys.

Source: Team NUMMER EINS

12) They Never Look Happy

They are very serious dogs and always have a stern unwelcoming look about them.

Source: Buzz Sharer

13) They Are Just Not Made For Play

Forget about having fun, playing fetch, and having a dog who loves playtime.

Source: Buzz Sharer

14) They Are Very Temperamental

They aren’t flexible or willing to compromise in any type of situation.

Source: Buzz Sharer

15) German Shepherds Are Far Too Straight Laced For a Whacky Family

Source: Buzz Sharer
German Shepherds are really uptight. They wouldn’t know a good time if it hit them in the face and they just never get weird.

Just kidding! German Shepherds make fantastic family dogs and would easily become a cherished member in any home.

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