Every Day For A Year This Man Photographed His Dog–And You’re Gonna Love The Results!


Get your cameras and prepare to be inspired, camera-happy puppy parents!

Andrew Knapp is a photographer and Instagrammer who has been travelling with his adorable Border Collie, Momo, for their project, Find Momo. A warning before you follow the link: you’ll start clicking and wonder where the time went!

Andrew calls Momo his muse, and it’s easy to see why Momo inspires him! Those big puppy dog eyes just beg to be photographed! Momo has his own Instagram, where Andrew posts a new photo of Momo everyday, though, if it wasn’t for the change in background it’d be hard to tell that it’s a new photo. Momo poses exactly the same way in every photo on his Instagram page. Not that we’re complaining- he’s a gorgeous boy!

After taking photos of Momo for an entire year, Andrew pulled them all together to make this video – 365 days worth of photos flash in just a few seconds. Momo has had a wonderful year!



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