Dog Gives His Mom The Cold Shoulder After She Brings Him To The Vet


Dogs are very forgiving and love us unconditionally, but that doesn’t mean they will never feel the need to give us the cold shoulder.

Bret Mortimer and her adopted lab mix named Fritz are best friends. She makes sure that her dog gets enough exercise by bringing him to the local dog park daily. Fritz looks forward to his car rides to the park and eagerly jumps in. However, one day he leaped in thinking they were heading to the park, but instead pulled into a parking lot that he had not seen before.

Photo: Instagram/bretmortimer

Mortimer wanted to keep her dog’s teeth clean and gums healthy, so she made an appointment with the vet for a teeth cleaning. Fritz was not aware of this and was not thrilled, even if it was good for his health.

When his mom arrived to pick him up from the vet he refused to make eye contact. “When they opened the door he was just … not thrilled,” she told The Dodo. Even when they were back in the car, Fritz felt betrayed and he showed it by turning his head and staring out the window. His mom tried to make him look at her by saying his name, but he was not ready to forgive her just yet.

Photos: Instagram/bretmortimer

“Fritz look at me. I am sorry I took you to the dentist. Look at me. I am so sorry. He won’t even look at me.” Her multiple attempts to get his attention failed. “Come on buddy, just look at me once.”

Photos: Instagram/bretmortimer

Thankfully, shortly after they arrived home Fritz forgave his mom and returned to his being a goofy and sweet boy. She posted on Instagram, “He has since forgiven me for taking him to his dental appointment lol. Dogs can get gum diseases that can shorten their lifespans if you’re not careful, so look into dental cleanings and chews if you’ve got your own pup!”

Mortimer said he was a little suspicious the next day when she asked him if he wanted to go to the park. This time they really were going to the park. After playing at the park, the sweet boy flashed his pearly whites in happiness.

Photo: Instagram/bretmortimer

The hilarious cold shoulder incident was captured on video by his mom and shared for all to enjoy. Check it out in the video below.


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