A 12 Hour Drive Meant The Difference Between Life & Death For This Pregnant Dog


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Hazel was heavily pregnant when her previous owners abandoned her at California’s Porterville Animal Shelter. The facility is open-admission, meaning they cannot turn animals away. Unfortunately, this also means they must euthanize when space runs out.

While puppies have an excellent chance of getting adopted, the same is not always true for mama dogs.

Photo c/o Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (START

Thankfully for Hazel, the Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (START) pulled her from the California kill shelter and sent her on a 780 mile journey to the Newberg Animal Shelter in Oregon.

Not only is Newberg a no-kill facility, they also have a higher number of eager adopters. According to her friends at START, she was “scooped up and adopted almost immediately!”

Photo c/o Shelter Transport Animal Rescue Team (START)

Hazel’s adoptive mom says:

“Hazel is the sweetest, most beautiful and perfect dog in the world! She is the perfect addition to our family. I can’t believe how much she has blossomed since we adopted her one month ago. She was so timid and frightened easily but is now loving life! She goes to the park every day and gives me such joy. We are a match made in Heaven.”

As an official partner of iHeartDogs and GreaterGood.org, the Second Chance Movement funds air and road miles from high-risk shelters to the safety of  no-kill rescues. When you buy Second Chance items in the iHeartDogs store, you help save the lives of dogs like Hazel.

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