9 Of The Most Mischievous Dog Breeds


There’s a pup out there for every personality, from companion couch potatoes, to social butterflies, to playful buddies that are perfect for active families. And there are some dogs whose genetics combine high intelligence with high energy, so if they’re not properly occupied, they may get themselves into some trouble!

To be clear, these aren’t the “problem children” of the canine world, they’re the dogs who love to work, hike, play, run, excel at agility, and more! But left to their own devices, pup parents shouldn’t be surprised if their under-stimulated dogs start to stir up some mischief. There are exceptions to every rule, but generally speaking, these 9 dog breeds are likely to be mischievous if they have too much time on their paws!

1Border Collies

These energetic pooches have many talents, but more often than not, being lazy isn’t one of them! (At least, not until after a long day’s work!) These dogs have herding ingrained in their DNA, and if they aren’t given a job to do, you may find them “herding” kids, other pets — even you! With that said, Border Collies can use their smarts and stamina to excel in agility, obedience training, and more, plus they make excellent running or hiking buddies.



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