9 Dog Myths That Need To Be Busted


We dog lovers don’t need convincing that our pups are some of the best creatures to walk this Earth, but there are still some misconceptions regarding our furry friends! There are a handful of myths that even dog lovers still believe, and we’re here to bust a few of the most common ones. That’s not to say anyone should be blamed for believing what they’ve heard, but the more we know about our pups, the more we can understand them – and the more we love them!

11. You’ll confuse your rescue dog by changing his name.

If you rescue a dog and don’t like the name he/she already has, chances are, changing it won’t be a problem. In fact, it can be a good thing.

“Names are a big deal for people, so most pet owners assume the same goes for their dogs,” says animal writer Amber King. “The reality, however, is that dogs don’t think about their names the same way people do.”

Essentially, your dog’s name is just their cue to know you’re talking to them!

Here are two more things to consider: the shelter may have given assigned the dogs new names, so they may not be too attached, anyway. Also, names can hold negative connotations from a pups’ past, like if their former owners used it to yell at them.



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