15 Money-Saving Tips For Dog Owners


According to CNBC, American dog owners spend upwards of $2,000 per year on routine care and maintenance for each of their pups. If there is a medical emergency, that figure can easily sore above $10,000.

With these tips, you can give your furry family members the best of the best and save money in the process!

11. Make Your Own Products:


-DIY Dog Beds


There was a time when pallets were tossed out like useless garbage. Now, there are countless DIY projects from holiday decorations to trendy dog beds to be made with these free (or at least inexpensive) wooden platforms.

The hardest part about these pallet beds is choosing which one your pup will like best!

-DIY Toys



The internet is overflowing with fun, innovative ideas for creating toys from household items or inexpensive bric-a-brac. Here’s a roundup of 33 different options to brighten up any pup’s toybox for less.

-DIY Healthy Treats



A single bag of treats made from high-quality, domestically-sourced ingredients can cost upwards of $20! Making your own not only allows you to control exactly what your furry friend eats, chances are you already have many of the ingredients in your kitchen. It’s a win-win!

-DIY Pill Pockets

Does your pooch require daily medication? Is she too smart to fall for the old pill-in-cheese trick? Squishy, delicious Pill Pockets are a wonderful way to ensure your dog swallows her meds, but they can be quite expensive.  This simple, no-bake DIY recipe requires just three ingredients: milk, crunchy peanut butter and the flour of your choice – try almond, pups love it!



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